Meet Dave Edwards aka Weather Edwards, an amateur meteorologist based in Livingston, NJ.

Edwards claims no particular knowledge or insight into the weather. He has no training in meteorology, or in broadcasting the news, for that matter. His knowledge comes largely from following The Weather Channel app and CBS 880 AM’s longtime meteorologist Craig Allen.

He does, however, have a longstanding love of the weather, first stoked during a class in high school. "I know that the winds go counter-clockwise around a low pressure system, and they go clockwise around a high pressure system," he said, "and I understand weather patterns to a degree."

Armed with that knowledge and a black North Face jacket (occasionally accessorized with a captain’s hat), Edwards has spent the past three years "reporting" the weather in short Facebook videos whenever inspiration strikes. From local parking lots or his suburban backyard, Weather Edwards will urge his audience to stay indoors due to icy roads or deliver the next day’s high and low temperatures with the practiced cadence of a morning show meteorologist.

(Special thanks to I-Hsien Sherwood's article where this was excerpted from)